The Nursing Process

The nursing process, this is one of the core subject matters for first year nursing students. If you have not read up on this yet, let me get you started…

So… what is the nursing process?

It is basically a organised plan which can help a nurse to effectively plan high quality patient care.

Its a thoroughly researched step by step method widely used in nursing. It is broken down into five stages known as ADPIE:

  1. Assess – Gather patient information and review their history
  2. Diagnosis – Identify the problem/problems
  3. Plan – Plan a course of action and set goals for desired outcomes
  4. Implement – Perform the nursing actions needed to achieve the goals
  5. Evaluate – Were the desired goals achieved? If not start the process again…

Effective assessment is reliant upon good communication, information must be gathered from the patient or their next of kin in order to obtain past/current medical history, along with data around their culture, religion, activities of daily living (ADL’s) physical and mental health ect.

Diagnosis is coming to a clinical decision on what would help improve the patients actual and potential health problems. These could be matters around their wellness, actual diagnosis’s and potential risks.

Planning, is how you plan on giving this patient the nursing care they need in a timely manner. It helps to identify the nursing interventions needed to get them back to a state of health equal or better than they previously encountered. Desirable and achievable outcomes must be discussed with the patient as they are at the centre of their care. You cannot continue to set goals without their consent, as mutual agreement must be made in order to reach desired goals.

Nursing Intervention is any treatment that is implemented by a nurse based upon their clinical judgement  to enhance and improve patient outcomes. Nursing interventions can vary from providing verbal and written teaching, disease prevention, health maintenance, to rehab and collaboration. It is any kind of activity carried out by a nurse to improve a patients state of health whether it be physically or mentally.

Evaluation…has what you have done made a difference to the patient? if it has great! are you going to continue with your plan or adapt it slightly? If no, what needs to be done to get back on track to achieving the patients goals? Start the process again, until the outcomes are successful and the nurse/patient goals have been achieved.

And that’s it… that is a very basic over view of the nursing process. It is definitely worth trying to find some books or journals on the subject the sooner the better when you enter first year. This information is the grounds in which your first year is based upon. It will help you in assignments as well as those first placements on the wards!





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