Critical Thinking Made Easy

Hi guys I thought I woud upload my condensed version of how I explain “Critical Thinking”.

Critical thinking will become those extra marks in assignments towards the end of your first year, and the lack of marks if not done well enough towards the end of your second year.

So hear it goes…

The best way someone exlpained it to me was along the lines of…

Think of critical thinking like buying an apartment, you research different apartments and have a good look around each one before you make up your mind on the one you are willing to buy.

  • You ask lots of questions
  • Compare different features
  • Check alternatives… (there may be an apartment with its own pool… For the same price?)
  • Evidence facts
  • Reasoning (why? How come? What if? … What if i fall in the pool after a drunken night out? If the pool safe? Why doesn’t it have a fence around it?)
  • Sceptism, have doubt and dig a little deeper (what if I have to share the pool with the neighbours? We may not get along?)
  • knowledge, look at things from a different point of view, we all think differently (this may not be the apartment for you but someone else may love it!)

Make sure to get in this mind set when writing your assignments, is “mrs smiths” point of view valid, or does “mr blogs” have a better point by stating …. This and that?

Make sure you know the difference between critical thinking and descriptive writing!

Descriptive writing: Is what something is, and when it occurs. It doesn’t usually delve deep enough into the information you are trying to provide. It simply just provides a background and hogs up all your word count!

Critical thinking: Is analysing  information and evaluating what you have found in order to come to a decision.

“So what?” “Why is this important?”

Discuss why things may have happened, or what the reasons and theories are behind what you have read.

“This is important because”

Try to avoid using the “first person” and use cautious language like “Could possibly offer…”

And end with a reflection…

TaDa… That’s how you do a bit of critical thinking ⭐️


2 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Made Easy

  1. Dory says:

    Omg so glad I found your blog I’m a 1st year mental health and have an assignment due 3/11/16 but I’m quite stressed as I’m a mature student and I’m worried it won’t be good enough. Critical thinking has helped me a little bit. Thank you


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