Ward Abbreviations 

Hi guys so I was flicking through my note book today, it’s the one I take on the wards with me and use it as my extra brain … I thought that my lists of abbreviations may come in handy to some of you 📒📚📖


3 thoughts on “Ward Abbreviations 

  1. iwillnotliveinvain says:

    Just a note – be careful with abbreviations. Sometimes they can mean multiple things depending on accepted practice at a facility or where other docs/RNs come from. Also… have never seen “8” to mean “every.” “Q” is “every” so that Q8 means every 8 hours and Q4 is every 4 hours… Q2 is… well you get the idea 😉


    • Secrets of a Student Nurse says:

      Yeah that is 100% correct, abbreviations can be a little bit of a dodgy ground to step upon. I suppose it is important to highlight that abbreviations differ from practise to practise, and should never be used on any kind of formal documentation. The ones i illustrate here are simply for my own use, for my handover sheets and are used between staff where i work. These are the common ones used in my hospital and are known between fellow students. We use “8” quite often i think it is seen more as a symbol than a number, as it loops back round in a circle like “repeat”. So yeah… just goes to show they can mean multiple things, and as a student you may even develop your own symbols and phrases that mean something to you but absolute nonsense to another! 🙂

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      • iwillnotliveinvain says:

        Definitely 🙂 there is a lot that crosses over and is common to most medical professionals, sometimes it’s just hard to tell what may be local or might have a few different meanings one might not be aware of 😊


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